"I create my own opportunities"

In 2004, Helena Loitmaa was recommended by a friend to come and work for Telia. As a newly graduated student, she saw it as a great opportunity and took a position as an IT Consultant. At first, her time was spent doing rather basic tasks like helping clients get their Internet back. Since she started, she has had the opportunity to grow and develop her skills as a Project Leader, and today Helena is running large product development projects and finding new challenges every day.

“At Telia, there is always something exciting happening. I have been involved in projects that have not only had an impact on our customers, but also on our society as a whole. And being part of a team that influences the future of connectivity in Estonia or providing our customers with the latest products is really inspiring.”

Life outside Telia
“Outside work, I love spending time with my family, doing sports, travelling and sewing.
To me, having a rich life outside work is key. I truly believe that when you’re doing something inspiring privately, you will find solutions to work-related questions. I believe in continuous learning in life. Work can be hard, but nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something together with my team. At home, sewing gives me the same feeling, especially the moment when I get to put on something I have made myself for the first time.”

An inspiring journey
“Working at Telia has been quite a journey. I have been able to use my knowledge from school and turn it into practice while leading different IT projects – basically, I think I have gained more than I could have ever imagined when I first came to Telia. The way we work and the constant feedback I get has also helped me grow my knowledge every day.”

The future
“I expect to continue this exciting and somewhat crazy journey. Working in large teams with members from different places and with different ideas is inspiring, and is also something that drives me. It also keeps me away from repeating myself and doing same things day by day.”