“Looking for improvements”

Hemdan Bezabih, Senior Telecom Specialist at Telia in Norway

Everyone is talking about 5G, but what is happening in our existing networks? Quite a lot, if you ask Hemdan Bezabih. She is using our existing networks to deliver new and improved digital experiences to our customers.

“Describing my job is not easy. Telia is changing all the time and there is always something new going on; new technologies, new projects or a new acquisition – and that is what makes it so interesting to work here.”
“I work in the intersection between Networks and B2B. Previously, I have worked on 2G, 3G and 4G and over the years I have gained an even deeper understanding of the business and the needs of our customers. Based on their needs, my job is to find the network solutions needed to deliver even greater digital experiences. I love the diversity of my work as I get to work with different individuals and divisions of the company.”
“I know that for every challenge I take on, I always grow. I started my career in a very technical role, so I have a hands-on experience with the technology this company is built on. After working with networks for many years, I was ready to expand my knowledge to get a better understanding of the business side and get closer to the specific needs of the customers. Now, I am involved in end-to-end projects; with both the technical and none-technical aspects of a project. And for every project I lead, I get a better understanding of how this bigger scope works.”
“In my worklife, no day is the same as the other. I work on a lot of different projects, and a great thing about this company is that we are always involved in exciting projects. And as the distance between management and employee is short, there is always room to challenge ways of working and influence decisions in your team.”
“My life right now is full of team sports. I play floorball, soccer and I am dancing Cuban salsa. Floorball is my favorite activity, it gives me energy and it’s a great way to hang out with friends and colleagues. Floorball is a lot like my work, you have to master both the human aspects of the game, as much as perfecting your technique.”