"Harnessing data opportunities"

Aurelija Mice, Head of Content Management at Telia in Lithuania

It has been calculated that every human is generating 1,7 megabyte of data every second. For a big data centric company like Telia this means fantastic opportunities, but also a need to harness all the information and turn it into something valuable. And this is Aurelija Milce’s job. Based in Vilnius, she is Head of Content Management for Telia in six countries and responsible for data and content management in all Telia’s core markets. Her job changes every day, as the speed of data and content is increasing at a dizzying speed.

Managing data and content

“All of us at Telia are constantly creating new data and content. And I am responsible to make sure that we manage all our data in a safe way, and make sure that we can use it to create value for our customers and ourselves. To make it happen, we are 16 people in my team. And my role is to lead this team to success – basically translate business requirements to the best possible solutions. We started out about a year back, when I got the assignment to recruit and put together the team. Today we are a tight organization that work well together.”

Driven by change

”Change and transformations is a major driving force for me. I love the excitement of not really knowing what will come next. That is why I was attracted to the world of IT and telecoms 20 years ago. And it was not because I was particularly interested in technology, but because it was a world that is in continuous transformation. After ten years, I left telecoms and IT and started to work in the financial sector. I liked it there, it is also a sector that goes through a transformation. But I missed the people and culture of telecoms, so I finally went back and started my life at Telia. The good thing with a changing world is that there is always something new to do, new opportunities keep on coming your way. And that makes life interesting and exciting.”

Planning in a new age

“The data is growing day by day, and the solutions we can use to store it in an effective way is also developing in a super-fast pace. So, I need to make sure we do what is best today and keep an open mind to find new ways of solving tomorrow’s challenges. And this ever-changing world is what makes me happy and motivated.”

Working in uncertain times

“We live in what is commonly known as VUCA-times. VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguity. It is driven by anxiety over the planet, uncertainty over what business transformation will lead to and it has been accelerated by the global pandemic that started in the spring of 2020. I believe that we must constantly improve, grow and take an interest in the innovations we need to succeed. And we need to initiate them ourselves. My way of making sure we have steadfast pace in uncertain times comes down to four main pillars.

Have a clear vision and set a clear direction

Understand what it takes to succeed

Communicate clearly, to your team and stakeholders

Keep your ways of working agile and flexible

With these four leading stars, I make sure that me and my team move forward even when the times are hard or uncertain.”

This is written at the midst of a global pandemic, which has accelerated a sense of uncertainty in the world. But already before Covid-19, the world was in a state of transformation, which calls for a new type of leadership. Aurelija uses the term VUCA, when she talks about the state of society. Basically, it means that we live in Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex and Ambiguous times. Aurelija has her own set of principles that makes her work successful even in ambiguous times, she focus on; Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility.

Advice I wish I got when I was at university

  1. Dream big, but be grateful for what you have
  2. Do what’s right, not what’s easy
  3. Learn something new every day


I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Life before Telia

Ten years in IT and Telecoms. Then another ten years in the Financial sector before coming back to Telecoms at Telia.

Life outside work

I am a passionate photographer and I also film and edit videos. I have a big portfolio, especially of wedding photography. At one point I even considered leaving my tech job to become a photographer full time, but finally I came to my senses decided to keep my day job.


A husband and two kids, 8 and 14 years old. We live in Vilnius and the family was just extended with a six year old cocker spaniel and a happy puppy of the same breed. 

Something you didn´t know about me

I am a poet and during my school years I had a book of my poems published in Lithuania.