Cracking the code of happiness

Camilla Lindström, Solutions Architect at Telia Carrier in Sweden

Camilla has always been dedicated to her work. Driven by solving problems and a love for technology, she has found her dream job at Telia Carrier. Being a programmer at heart, Camilla’s focus is to create systems that ultimately make Telia Carrier’s customers happy.

“Since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by riddles, puzzles and brain teasers, which is the main reason I went on to study technology at university. And I am still the happiest when I am facing new challenges, which is perfect as we constantly are moving forward in this organization, facing new challenges around every corner we go. And together with my team, I get to solve new riddles of tech every day.”

Why Telia Carrier?  
“With its global backbone, Telia Carrier is connecting operators and cloud providers across three continents. The scale of the company and its leading position world-wide was a major part of why I chose to join Telia Carrier. Yet the organization is agile and innovative enough to be a really interesting place to work for someone with a passion for technology and finding new solutions to meet customers’ needs in new ways. As Telia Carrier is an international player, I can use my technology skills to create tech solutions that works all over the world. Finding a place where I can combine technology with my passion for customer satisfaction was a perfect match.”

The most recent project
“Right now, I am developing new functionality for Telia Carrier’s main customer portal – My Carrier. It’s a project that I have planned, designed, implemented and delivered, of course together with a great team of developers and colleagues. The portal has been live for about a year, but we keep on adding more functionality to keep our customers satisfied and happy. The aim of the portal is to create a simpler, faster, and better way of serving our customers in one point of contact. The portal is using new customer friendly APIs. With these APIs we will allow our customers to get a new level of self-service by system integration. This is an architecture that I am really proud of.

Being a Solutions Architect
“In times of digital transformation, many companies are pushing their limits to work faster and smarter, this puts immense pressure on developing new technology and systems. To succeed in building sustainable solutions, you have to understand what you are building and how the construction must fit together. And this is when you need a solutions architect. Before we start building an IT-system, we decide what functionality it should have and how all its parts should fit and work together. We always listen to what our customers and the organization needs and what demands they have. Then we investigate if the existing system can be re-designed or re-engineered to fit our purpose, or if we need to build a completely new one. That is my job as a Solutions Architect.”

Constantly moving forward
“We face new challenges every day. This whole organization is geared towards becoming the next generation telco. To keep up, everyone has a responsibility to be in touch with the latest in technology. I do it by visiting online forums and listen to what my friends in the industry are up to. And here, I am surrounded by smart people with the same drive as me, and who inspire me every day.”

My greatest learning
“When you study at university, you learn a lot of things and you grow very quickly, but it’s all very theoretical. To get a more practical perspective on things, I decided to sign up for every single programming course available. This gave me the opportunity to start my career as a programmer. And now half a career on, I really do feel that I have great use of that knowledge. I know roughly if the ideas we come up with, can be realized. I know what needs to be simplified. And I know that if no one else can solve a problem, I can actually crack it myself together with a developer. Knowing programming makes me a better Solutions Architect and it makes development projects much smoother.”

Goals are central to me
“Having clear goals are important to me. I set up goals with my manager and decide what we need to do in order to achieve them. And when you do that, reaching goals becomes easier than you think. Reaching goals is something that drives me privately too. Thanks to rather aggressive goals, I managed to complete “The Swedish Classic Circuit” consisting of a 30-km running race, a 90-km cross country skiing race, a 3-km open water swimming competition and a 300-km cycling race, all completed in a year. To make time for it, to train for it and to actually complete it would not have been possible without clear goals and a focused mind.”

Telia Carrier is the part of Telia Company that makes the company truly global. In essence, it’s a world-leading, global backbone that makes up a large part of the internet, connecting operators and cloud providers across three continents.

Advice I wish I got when I was at University

  1. Do all programming labs on your own
  2. Don't underestimate yourself - what you don´t know before, you will learn eventually.



Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University.

Life before Telia

I started as a developer, but after a move to a consultancy firm I have done a lot of different things: solutions design and architecture, requirements analysis, project management, testing and I’ve also worked as a consultancy manager for a few years.

Life outside work

Friends and family are most important. But I do spend a lot of time doing sports – beach volleyball, running, skiing, swimming, cycling and playing pool are my favorite activities.


My partner Fredrik and two children: Julian 8 and Jakob 4 years old.

Something you didn´t know about me

I love board games. At one point I was a licensed backgammon player, competing in weekly tournaments.