A life-long learner

Gintaré Stundyté, Business change lead in Transformation

A life-long learner with a background in both engineering and business, Gintaré Stundyté is passionate about opening doors for people so they can do great things. She leads a matrix subordination team of 20 people in Business Change for Telia in Lithuania, where she strives to understand the psychology of people in order to guide them through change and inspire them in the best possible way.

Combining logic with people

“From a young age I was interested in technical things. People kept telling me that women in engineering is not a thing, but I thought that it surely must be, so I did a degree in engineering electronics and telecommunications. But I quickly understood that I needed a context, so I changed directions and did a master’s degree in international business and marketing. At Telia I combine the two; logical thinking from engineering, but also ways of communicating. I’m a creative thinker, but I also like a structure.”

A culture of self-leadership

“At Telia there is a culture of self-leadership. The organization really lets you do what you want as long as it’s complying with the strategy and values. You’re only limited by your own ambition and confidence. Transformation for me is one of the examples of this type of culture. Telia has a very open-door policy. You can meet whoever you want, you can talk with any level of manager. At the same time, you’re able to make your proposals and put your ideas in a place to make them happen. You start with small things and just grow them. This push with openness means that if you’re hungry for doing things, you can do what you want. You really can have a limitless career.”
A shift in perspective
“In Lithuania everyone says how you’re going to be successful if you’re a manager. After a couple of years in the job market I realized that the point is not about managing, but about inspiring. There is a big difference between being a manager and being a leader. This mind-shift was very significant for me. Today I think about how to inspire people, so they are the best they can be and are driven to do amazing things. Of course, we need to show a direction and manage deadlines, but when we work with values and show a strategy that we ensure people understand, this is when we experience breakthroughs.”
Organizing change
“We need to prepare people to be agents of transformation. Change can be about making tough decisions, but what helps me is to look at the psychology of it and understand that there are different types of people and they want to receive information in different ways. You need to understand who you are talking to and deliver the information in the way that best resonates with that person. It’s a tool for myself to find out how differently I can speak to people. If they understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, then change is easier to accept, even if it’s hard. Preparation, communication, and management are key to success.”
On leadership
“It’s important to me to ask the people in my team how they see me. I see myself as someone who should guide and direct people, and don’t create barriers. We’re hiring smart people here at Telia, so we need to open doors for them to bring their ideas to life. It’s about putting employees first. On my team we have stand-up meetings and daily one-to-ones to see how we can support each other. We also have team meetings, and brainstorming sessions to guide ourselves and see what we can do to become even stronger as a team.”
How to help people to grow
  • Listen
  • Be Supportive
  • Be a Guide
  • Open Doors
Limitless career is about people continuously want and need to grow, both personally and professionally. This infographic aims to dramatize how leaders can help employees to feel that they continue to grow, and thereby enjoy limitless careers. The dimensions we explore are Listen, Be supportive, Be a guide and Open doors. These dimensions are based on how Gintare works and leads, all related to the Limitless Career trend.


My key advice to other leaders:

  1. Be open to anything.
  2. Everyone is different, and that’s a driver for innovation.
  3. Listen to those around you, you’ll learn a lot.



I have a bachelor’s degree in electronics / telecommunication engineering, and a master’s degree in International Business Management and Marketing. I also participated in the SingularityU Nordics Talent program.

Life before Telia

I spent ten years in the banking sector with Swedbank before I joined Telia.

Life outside work

I’m passionate about food and wine and play tennis in my spare time. I also enjoy reading, particularly innovation blogs and future trends.


I live with my boyfriend. No kids or pets at this time.

Something you didn´t know about me

I had a food blog for almost two years, and at school loved to read detective novels.