Living her dream

Lina Strelkauskiené, Head of Unix Service Management Unit at Telia in Lithuania

Lina grew up in a rural part of Lithuania and already when she was a kid, she knew that she wanted to move into Vilnius to study and work with tech. Today, she is living her dream, working at Telia in Vilnius. Get to know this energetic woman who still believes in dreaming big and realizing your personal and professional goals.

“When I tell my friends that I am leading the service management of Unix systems, not many get it. But when I explain that it’s about taking care of the IT Infrastructure that make life easier for communities and businesses, it becomes clearer. The systems I work with simplify banking, shopping, traveling, calling and entertainment. And sometimes our work with IT-infrastructure and UNIX systems is about life and death, as we maintain the communications solution of 112- emergency response centers in Lithuania.”

Working behind the scenes
“IT infrastructure is an invisible part of basically everything we do with our smartphones and computers. And even if it’s invisible, it’s a major part of the fabric of any IT solution today. Working with IT-service management means that you need to mix a little bit of old school IT with innovative new technology. Our work with existing, old systems is important to make new things happen. And as a lot of vital systems in society today are based on old technology, we must be there to make sure they run properly, and transform parts of them into new, modern IT-infrastructure”.

How do you keep yourself updated?
“I’m curious and looking for inspiration in people around me. And at Telia in Vilnius, knowledge and expertise come in abundance. We also have leaders who make us grow year after year by supporting and coaching us to pursue new ideas and realize our dreams and goals.”

Growing continuously for almost 15 years
“I have been at Telia for almost 15 years now, and I continue to grow all the time. Sometimes it feels like I have been working for 4 – 5 different companies, and there is always something new to discover around the next corner. Something new to dig into and new challenges to solve.”

Engaged in issues that matters
“I am part of a mentorship program for women to encourage careers in technology. It’s called “Woman Go Tech and it’s a great way for me to actively support a greater cause. I am also work as a lecturer in education programs related to internet safety. Basically, sustainability and being engaged in the world around us is important to me.”

UNIX systems form the infrastructure of many IT-systems today. You find them as a base of the internet, but also as enabler of calling, texting and using mobile data on smartphones. Streaming is another key application alongside smart television. In Europe, UNIX infrastructure is used by insurance companies, retailers, banks and manufacturing industries.


Advice I wish I got when I was at University

  1. Failure is success in progress
  2. Do small things with great love and great things happens
  3. Robots will come, be patient



Master of Engineering Informatics, Cum laude.

Life before Telia

I started my professional career at Telia 14 years ago. Before that, I was passionate AI student.

Life outside work

I belong to ISACA (association for IT governance professionals) and the oldest Science Fiction and Fantasy lovers club in Lithuania, called “Dorado”.


I met my future husband 20 years ago, now we have a six-year-old son, Rokas.

Something you didn´t know about me

I was a cheerleader of my hometown basketball team at school.