A passion for action

Torgeir Røynstrand, Head of Products and CX, Telia Norway

Torgeir Røynstrand has a background with GET, a telco company that was recently acquired by Telia in Norway. He is responsible for all home products Telia delivers in Norway, from TV and broadband to smart home.

Vision, strategy, and action

“My days are a good mix of visionary and strategic thinking, tactical thinking and pure operations, but always with a focus on getting things done. I’m expected to have an opinion on pretty much everything, from the important decisions to everyday details. I currently manage four product areas; TV and entertainment, broadband, smart home, and a small mobile operation. Overall, it’s a great combination of strategy, implementation and operations that keeps things interesting.”

Big initiatives all around

“In TV, we’ve just launched a brand-new TV experience through our latest STB, called “Get box.” Our ambition is to roll out new boxes to a large share of our customer base and to get the happiest TV customers in Norway. This is an innovation project where we are redefining the traditional TV platform and value chains. Everything is managed in-house and built as part of a global ecosystem. We’ve done everything from the design of the box to platform development and UX, and everything in between. We’ve partnered with leading companies in the TV ecosystem, like Google and Netflix, to create a holistic TV experience that seamlessly bridges the linear world with streaming.”

Leading Innovation

“My ambition is to make everything run smoothly. I’m not the day-to-day or even the week-to-week leader for projects, but the people who are running them look to me for help with getting things done. My role is to remove barriers, help them be most efficient, and make sure they get the resources they need. The people I lead are super good, so I see my role as being a challenger, pushing them to make it better, faster, to think bigger, to ask for more, and so on.”

A fan of action

“I’m very results oriented and a big fan of action. In my personal life, I’m into triathlon, and focus on training for results. In my work life, I am a passionate driver of change and “making stuff happen”. I take a stand, try something and then change it if it’s not right. When it comes to my team, I focus on ensuring a strong strategic rationale and a solid business case but try to give them great flexibility when it comes to how they want to achieve the result. We get together weekly and monthly to evaluate our performance, initiatives and roadmaps to see where we need to change direction, speed up processes, start up new initiatives or anything else required to meet our goals. We can all learn something this way.”

Our greatest value

“I like being part of a team and am very motivated by having strong people around me that are successful in what they are doing. Together, we share the same vision and dedication for realizing it. Our greatest value has always been passion; we care a lot about what we do, and we will work as much as we need to in order to achieve results. I always feel a personal responsibility for making that happen.”

On self-leadership

“I’m a true believer in staying curious and constantly wanting to improve oneself. I think that one can become a very good leader by applying common sense and using best practices and tips and tricks from the colleagues and people you surround yourself with in everyday life.”

Leading to create results

Torgeir is a results-driven leader, yet he leaves his teams with a lot of freedom to reach their goals. He believes his leadership role is about crafting the goals, making them inspiring and ambitious. And by setting the right goals, he can make sure that his team delivers on the bigger targets for the organization. When the goals are set and the team knows what they’re doing, Torgeir ensures that his team leaders have the resources they need. And he makes sure that they have what they need to keep team spirits high, by providing constructive feedback and coaching.

Three pieces of advice to other leaders:

  • Stay curious and learn new stuff all the time - never think that you understand everything
  • Get in contact with other smart people to find role models and learn from the best
  • Have fun!



Master´s Degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU

Your life before Telia?

Five years as a management consultant in McKinsey & Company and in Cardo Partners, one year as Strategy Director at Get, and one year as Product Director at Get.

Your life outside work?

I love to spend time with my family and friends, in addition to being active outdoors.

Your family situation?

I’m married, and my wife and I just welcomed our brand new baby boy!

Something you didn´t know about me?

I finished top 25 in the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, often referred to as “the world’s toughest triathlon”