“Growing exponentially”

Hilde Aasnæs, Content Manager at Telia in Norway, has had an intense and mind-blowing experience attending the SingularityU Nordic in Copenhagen, a global learning and innovation community that Telia collaborates with. She now has the understanding and the tools to work truly agile with exponential technologies.

“I have a background in the media industry, but was always eager to get close to tech, so I joined Telia in 2016 as a content manager. I expected a big organization with great opportunities where I could learn a lot. Not only about the industry, but also about myself and what I am capable of.”

New responsibilities make me grow

“I have grown tons since I got here. This summer, I got the opportunity to lead the digital department when my former boss got a new position. I absolutely love this opportunity, but it’s just one example of how new responsibilities make me grow. I was also put in charge of handling the digital part of the Chess migration. That meant migrating 300 000 customers from the brand Chess to Telia. My responsibility was to make sure that all digital communication and all self-service solutions worked as planned. It was a massive challenge, but one that I enjoyed a lot.”

Part of Telia’s journey

“Telia is striving to become the New Gen Telco, and this is a journey we all are part of. On this journey, things change all the time, and I love it. In my role as a Content Manager, I know that communication habits and behaviors changes rapidly, and that me and my team have to move as fast to stay relevant, which is a great challenge to be part of.” 

Going back to school

“The opportunity to try out the role as Head of Digital or migrating customers from one brand to another is amazing, but my experience with SingularityU Nordic is truly extraordinary. The last months I have attended the Exponential Talent Program. An intense and mind-blowing experience about exponential technologies. How we can move forward using them and get a deeper understanding of the ethics that follow with new technologies. It has been a really, really cool experience. I cannot wait for the future, and how we are going to rock it.”

Reconnecting with my roots

“Over the weekends I spend time in our hytta – a simple but comfortable house in the mountains. This is where I find balance in my life, focusing on my family and recharging myself. We don’t even have an internet connection out there, so I am really cut off. To be in the forefront of future technology, I need to get out of the city and reconnect with my roots.”