"Winning the data game"

It’s an area that seems to be boiling just underneath the office floors of most businesses and industries – Data Analytics. Many say Data Analytics and Data Science will become what makes or breaks companies in the future. Regardless of what the crystal balls say, Telia have been focusing on the area for some time, placing the company in the forefront of the data game. We asked Ionut Strambeanu, Team Lead and Developer at Telia, to give us some more insights. Here’s what he said.

“I felt it was time to tell you a bit about the way we work with analytics at Telia Company. I feel energetic, and proud, when I go to work – and so I thought it would be worth sharing that.

 I work at Telia Company because I am curious and want to be among the first to get access to data insights that no one has ever seen before. It may seem like a daring thing to say, but I believe Telia is among the top of the list when it comes to analytics, not just in the Nordic region but in Europe as well. I do know that I am not the only one who says this. Our partners do too.”

“Big data at Telia is really big. We work with cutting-edge technology. We love open source, and we are truly open to new ideas. And to manage all those volumes, our team works with Hadoop as well as with other crazily fast data analysis tools.

“Anyone in engineering may be interested to learn that we use, among others, Spark, Kafka, Hbase and Zeppelin. If you are more of a data scientist, you should know that Deep Learning and AI keeps us very busy as well.

“Our work is possible because Telia understood early the importance of analytics and of the data we have. And Telia acted – ahead of the competition. We have built a solid know-how with the help of highly enthusiastic technology experts. I believe that the insights and the added value we have created puts us ahead of most in the industry today, as we are creating data-based analytical products such as Crowd Insights.

“We’re a very dynamic and demanding team, but the rewards are worth the hard work. Telia, and specifically Data & Analytics, is a team in which everyone works in really close cooperation. In my daily work I get the flexibility that I need, while there is still a great sense of responsibility. “

Name: Ionut Strambeanu

Titel: Team Lead

At Telia since: August 2017

What do you like about working at Telia: Highly dynamic and challenging environment. I also like working with very professional colleagues.