“I fight for innovation”

Having spent a few years as a consultant and an HR-specialist at Ericsson, Ivo decided to come to Telia. He started out in HR, but has made a radical change in his career path and is today working as an Innovation catalyst. This is a great example of how, by having a clear career goal and with coaching from managers, you can create your own opportunity at Telia. We give you the support you need to grow both personally and professionally within the company.

“I have always been interested in IT and people. It is amazing to see what people can do, given the right tools and context. And it is equally fantastic to see how new technology is changing the life we live, almost daily.”

Never stand still
“After a few years in HR, I felt that I wanted to challenge myself and do something new. I wanted to feel more connected to our core business and the products and services we develop. I never wanted to leave Telia, so I was happy when I got to work with Purple Plus – Telia’s innovation hub.”

Making innovation happen
“My job is to ensure that innovation is a part of Telia’s DNA. One part is supporting leaders to make innovation part of the everyday agenda. Helping them with tools and methods that are geared towards creating and maintaining a culture of innovation throughout the whole organisation. 

And the other part is to lead projects involving Telia’s development of future products and services.”

My life as a boxer
“Boxing is a big part of my life today. I box three days a week and have inspired my eldest daughter to become a boxer. It is the concentration, precision and the need to be focused 100 percent that makes it so relaxing and fulfilling for me.”