“Designing the future”

Jørgen Stensrud came to Telia a few years ago to work in UX design. Understanding human behaviour is key to create exciting user experiences. Jørgen’s job is to make sure that Telia’s customers always have a great experience when browsing for products on our sites. He spends almost as much time understanding how people react to design as he does actually designing our sites.

“My job is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to navigate and find what they are looking for on our digital platforms. A good user experience starts with understanding what the visitors to the site want. How they interact with it, what the value is and what they find important. To understand this, we do a lot of user testing, by monitoring what people look at, how long they do that, where they come from and where they go next. But we also do focus groups, where we talk to people and interview them about what they want, what they like and what they absolutely do not like.

All of these insights are then the brief to me as an UX-designer when I create new experiences in the Telia Digital ecosystem.”

I love the professionalism
“I chose Telia because I expected it to be a company where I could work with the smartest people, exciting projects and use the latest tools. And, of course, a place where I could grow and develop within the company, which is precisely how it turned out to be. At Telia, UX is a vital part of our product development and a key component in our relationship with customers. So what my team and I are doing becomes central, and we all feel that we are the centre of attention.”

Finding inspiration in feedback
“Outside Telia, I create labels for microbreweries. Design is essential, both for my brewery clients and for Telia. And so is customer feedback. If someone loves a beer label, I know it works and will sell beer. And if they don’t like it, the beer will be left on the shelf. Same thing with Telia. If the site inspires the visitor, they stay longer and do more, and if they don’t like it they leave.
And it is my job to make sure that beer is sold and people enjoy our digital platforms.”