“Growing by learning”

Karim Bhur, Junior Security Specialist at Telia Company in Stockholm

Curiosity to learn new things and grabbing training opportunities as they come along, can make your wildest job dreams come true. By constantly learning new things, Karim Bhur has moved from selling phones and services to working as a security specialist at Telia Company.

“I came to Telia straight from school, with no higher education to rely on. But I have always been curious to learn new things, which makes Telia a great place to work. I started out working with customers in a Telia store over ten years ago. I was amazed by the culture of learning new stuff. Some of it through proper training, but a lot of it is just learning by doing. The attitude was like – Get out there and start selling, we’ll be right behind you. I loved that! Almost without knowing, I learned about pricing, sales techniques, the systems and the way we work and do business. Growing and developing has been a major part of my journey, as soon as I have felt ready to advance, there has always been a new opportunity for me”.

“I love problem solving, so quite quickly I was happy to move on from retail sales to working with customer support, learning to take on more complex challenges. At customer support, I grew as a person and learned new things every day. But it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more and bigger challenges. I was then encouraged by my leaders to further educate myself to continue to develop. After an exam in IT Security, I joined Telia Security Academy to become a fully-fledged security specialist.”

“Telia Security Academy is a great opportunity; I will now explore several different fields within security to understand which area I want to specialize in. My role is Junior Security Specialist, but through a combination of working and training in the year to come, I will become even more specialized and understand exactly what I enjoy most and what I am best at.”

“Working with cyber security at Telia Security Operations means that I am investigating abuse-cases concerning our end-users and also manage Telia’s internal cyber security threats and incidents. We use a lot of tools to detect issues and determine what measures to take. A lot of the things we learned theoretically at school, are stuff that we come across every day here. And to be able to put theory into practice is always exciting.”

“I am still the new guy on my team and my focus is to gather a lot of experience and learn as much as possible. I also try to use my experience from other departments to see things with fresh eyes. The culture and spirit of our team is great, and the colleagues are all very helpful and almost instantly, you feel like you are a part of the family.”

“When I have the time, I relax with gaming and hanging out with my online friends. I am proud of being part of a company that delivers great digital experiences in all kinds of areas. Experiences that are not only fast and seamless but also safe and secure.”