“Going further by being smarter”

Kirke Saar, Chief Technology Officer, Telia Estonia

Kirke Saar is creating smarter cities and improving life with new technology. She has become CTO of Telia Estonia in record time, a great opportunity that comes as no surprise when you read her whole story.

Making other people grow
“At Telia, I have high-level experts and all the passionate people you need to stay ahead in this competitive world. My role is to create an environment for my people to succeed. I focus on the high-level strategy and support my team to reach our common goals. I give them as much freedom as possible and let them focus on technology and innovation.”

A small big company
I love Telia because it’s big in size, but with a small company’s personal culture. I feel that if I need to, I can reach our very top management quickly. And I feel that they all really care and understand how and why we are doing certain things, which is important when you are on a change journey.

Towards a smarter future
“The solutions that excites me most, are the ones that will make our cities smarter in the future. How our network and technology can connect people, things and infrastructure to make life simpler and more effective. I come from a home where architecture was a natural part of my life. Both my parents designed buildings, and my mother was always my greatest role model. Large parts of central Tallinn were designed by my mother. And now it’s my turn to develop smarter, more connected cities, using our latest technologies.

Always aiming higher
“Service management is where I come from, and I am on a mission to get us to the next level in service quality and really contribute with new solutions that will make people and the whole society a more effective and a more sustainable place to be. To achieve this, I depend on my team. We have a lot of energy, creativity and deep technical knowledge. But maybe most importantly – we care. We care about our customers, about technology and about society.”