“Removing cards from your wallet”

In this fast-moving, ever-changing and technology-driven digital world we are proud to introduce a longtime part of the Estonian organization. This is Kuno Peek, a New Business Manager who keeps moving forward with new digital solutions for our customers. His latest mission is to make paying easier in Estonia.

“My whole life has two main themes, telecoms and sailing. I started out in a much smaller company, selling mobile phones to consumers. In 1996 I joined Telia as a Product Manager. It was at a point in time when mobile technology was about to really take off and I wanted to be part of a larger company where I could work in a team to create new, better and smarter mobile services.”

“Today I am leading the New Business team, creating new services for both companies and consumers. Every day I am amazed by the enthusiasm of people to innovate and find new solutions – we never stop looking for new opportunities.”

“I have been here for over 20 years now, but I am still thrilled by the enthusiasm of the people here – there is a common focus and ambition to always find new ways of doing things. And this spirit makes every day inspiring, and the drive forward makes you grow together, both by the confidence you get when you succeed, but also by learning new things when breaking new ground.”

“The latest and coolest thing I have been involved in is a mobile wallet. It’s an open ecosystem for all kinds of payments and can be linked to loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets, access cards and even mobile e-bills and e-documents. It’s a great product for the user, as they don’t need to carry any cards or cash with them anymore, but it also opens up great possibilities for retailers and other companies with the possibility to empower their own digital payments transformation.”

“Me and my twin brother have been sailing since we were kids, and in 1973 we started to get into serious offshore sailing, which is still a great part of my life. I love a weekend at sea with my family, as much as a match race with my brother and our team. But sailing also has an important influence on my professional life – through sailing, I have learned how to build an effective team and understand how knowledge sharing is key if you want to be a winner.”