“Unleashing super powers”

Magnus Grönblad, Group Lead Self Leadership & Team Development at Telia Company in Stockholm

Meet Magnus Grönblad who is coaching people at Telia to become self-leaders and helping our teams understand how they can perform better together.


“Self-leadership is a cornerstone in the Telia culture, and I am here to make us better at that. Most of my work is done behind the scenes as I help others to lead themselves to success. This means that my job is a lot about coaching and inspiring leaders and teams to reach their full potential. To do this, I am coaching staff to lead themselves and I help teams to collaborate in new and better ways. Basically, I am here to help my colleagues to find their own strengths and develop those super powers we all have, but maybe not use as much as we can.”


“I have been coaching and advising top-management leaders for many years, mostly as a consultant. Working for a company with 20 000 employees has its challenges in reaching all the people, and it’s important to be able to scale and use digital solutions to get real impact. To scale up my work and reach more people, I have trained over 100 internal facilitators in our own concepts for self-leadership and team development, using both face to face meetings as well as digital follow-up sessions. I really enjoy working through others to reach out to all the amazing people we have in our company.”


“Working with self-leadership in a purpose-driven culture like Telia, is really inspiring and I feel that my work has a positive impact on many people. This is something that is completely aligned with my own personal purpose. The power of our facilitator community is great, by using the same language and methods we are creating a people movement that really drives cultural change.”


“My kids have always meant the world to me. And even now when they are in their late teens, I love spending time with them, making sure I am available whenever they need it. I have also been a mental coach to young people in different sports for over 15 years. And it’s a lot like my job, I give people access to their own toolbox and skills, so they can take better decisions and perform better in whatever opportunity they pursuit.”