"An extraordinary introvert"

Mari is an Insight Manager at Telia in Helsinki. She has had quite a few different roles, and has gone from being a true techie, training specialist, development manager, customer experience manager to her role today. Still, she is convinced that her future with us, will offer new roles that might not even exist yet.

“My job is to provide the organization with data analytics and insights supporting and accelerating data driven and fact-based decision making. I’m on the lookout for future ways of living, working and being. By understanding customer needs, market dynamics, trends and human behavior, I help others to make the right decisions and make us work in a more insightful and streamlined way. On one hand, our output will lead to more digitally driven, more customer obsessed, more automated products and solutions. And with new insights, we can add more emotion, heart and humanity to everything we do.”

I speak tech and business
“I think and speak both tech and business; I like numbers and feel comfortable when I’m around nerds, but I can also speak and present findings so everyone gets it. I have grown to not only accept, but to embrace change and enjoy transformation. I can’t wait to see future prospects become reality. And at work I enjoy every minute of being able to innovate, experiment and improve. I’m curious and want to understand how things work.

Long live the introverts!
“I’m an introvert by heart. It is not easy for me to be this open about my life and ideas. My message is that at our company we have room for everyone. Extroverts, introverts of all gender and ages. To me, it is a way to say that we need diversity if we are serious about changing the way people live their lives in the future.”

Our culture
“Our company culture promotes agile processes, flat hierarchies and self-leadership. Some teams don’t even have leaders. We are a group of skilled professionals who manage our own work, achieve our targets and find the best ways to excel. We experiment, test and try out new things – fast. Sometimes we also fail fast, but we learn and improve every day. When you feel that you are among friends and in a big family, it is not so scary to fail from time to time.” 

Get to know the scout in me
“In my free time, I’m a scout. Scouting is about taking responsibility for yourself, your group, our society and nature. It has given me the confidence to try new things and leave my comfort zone every now and then. I have hiked in Lapland, paddled rivers and waterfalls, climbed down rocks with ropes, sailed the sea, skied in the wilderness, tented in –34 and looked silently into the campfires late at night. Like my work, scouting is about development and leadership. I was young when I got my first responsibilities as a group leader and learned about teambuilding, giving feedback, creativity, public performance, strategy, target setting and planning. So already as a young scout I practiced skills that are valued in my work today. Now I want to give similar opportunities to younger scouts.”