“Welcome to the next level!”

After several years in London working in the finance sector, Milda Maslauskaitė wanted to reconnect with her family and friends. But leaving a great job at Barclays Bank and a nice flat in bustling London, called for a really interesting new job. She has now returned to her homeland to be part of transforming our global operations and take Telia in Lithuania to the next level.

“When Telia was looking for a Business Transformation Project Manager, I knew I had found a new, international place to work. Today, my team is transforming our global operations and we are consolidating some of the global functions here in Vilnius.”

“I am the only Project Manager for global operations in Vilnius, but I do feel that I belong to a bigger team as I travel for workshops and events as often as I can. My project team is local and currently we are all busy moving to the new office in Vilnius – exciting times for all of us.”

“Even though I haven’t been here long, I like it a lot. The culture is very accepting, there is lots of focus on sustainability and the corporate social responsibility is very hands-on and not just on paper. The respect shines through when it comes to peer-to-peer relationships too.”

“One of the most exciting ideas I have come across here are The Screw Up Sessions, organized by the Project Management team. When I started, I was surprised, in a very good way, to see that the mistakes and lessons learned are open, welcome and appreciated – alongside the success stories of course. The Screw Up Session is a fantastic indication that the organization accepts failure as an inevitable part of the learning process.”

“In such a big, international company, I can see many areas where I can apply my skills and jump onto the next challenge, I feel that in this organization I really have a say in what areas I want to develop in. Everyday offers something new and exciting. Anything from colleagues to technology, tools and learning new things. All the tools and processes are easy to use and follow. And the co-workers I have met so far are very supportive, professional and great fun to be around!”

“When driving transformation projects, having a mandate and being able to really influence is central. And I really feel that I have that in place. I also feel that I have a say in what direction I would like to go next and if I want to do something new, the company would support me in finding the right next challenge”

“In shaping global operations in Lithuania, I am at the heart of Telia’s journey towards becoming the new generation telco. What we are doing right now will stand out and make us a more efficient company. And it will help us attract the right talent in the future.”

“When I am not at work, I like to unwind by hiking or just walking my mini schnauzer Sherlock in the old town of Vilnius – we spend hours and hours outdoor. My greatest inspiration has always been people and their stories, experiences and challenges that they have faced – that is why I do a lot of networking and volunteering.”