“The surfing coach”

Mindaugas Cekauskas, Head of Cross Sell and Convergence at Telia in Sweden

Mindaugas Cekauskas started his journey with Telia in Lithuania working in their mobile business. Today, he is based in Sweden working on transforming our ways of interacting with our customers to boost their experience.

“I come from a very finance-focused background. Initially as a management consultant and later working in corporate finance. After several years, I was looking for a new industry, and Telia’s change journey sounded really exciting. To change industry was a big step, but mostly culturally. People here are driven and hard-working, but the atmosphere here is much more relaxed and inspiring than what I was used to.”

“Working at Telia means a constant stream of new opportunities, I started as an offering manager for the mobile services in Lithuania. At that time, Telia in Lithuania was going through a transformation. And I was happy to be part of bringing the company back into growth. Today I am head of cross sell and convergence in Sweden, essentially meaning that I am responsible for increasing the number of Telia-services each of our customers have. My way of doing it, is coaching team leaders to transform the way we interact with our customers in digital touchpoints. By using data, analytics and new marketing technology, we can make all the one-to-one customer interactions more personalized.”

“When we get it right, we first and foremost improve the customer experience. Through new technology, we can also improve our own backend and the way we work to serve our customers even more efficiently. These perspectives brought together – elevating the customer experience, selling more services and becoming more effective will make us even more successful in the future.”

”To clear my head, me and my wife travel a lot. I love the outdoors and go kiting whenever I can. Trying new things and pushing myself is part of who I am. And, as with my work, being outside my comfort zone doesn’t stress me out. I almost find peace when the conditions are extreme. I discovered kite surfing with a friend about six years ago. We took the long journey and learned how to do it ourselves. And what we learned was essentially that to succeed, you need to be able to harness the opportunity and just go with the flow. Just like leading my teams through a transformation, you have to understand the fundamental drivers of the business and let them help you to move forward. Nothing beats the feeling when all pieces falls into place and you reach your goal.”