“Developing experiences”

Mindaugas Urbontaitis, Developer at Telia Global Services Lithuania

Mindaugas Urbontaitis and his team are developing a website for Telia’s wholesale customers. They are turning all stones to create a great experience for customers who are looking for high performance connectivity, superior infrastructure and seamless business solutions. Mindaugas is used to agile ways of working in sprints and with continuous adaption to what the project needs – his team structure has changed three times in the last few months, just to keep quality up, customers happy and team members inspired.

“A few years ago, a friend recommended me work with him at Telia. The main reason for me to join, was the opportunity to really make a difference for our customers. I have worked as a developer for other companies before, but always felt that I was too far away from actually making a difference for our customers. I find it really inspiring to be in an environment where I need to respond quickly to customer feedback. And it’s rewarding to deploy work fast and agile to see results straight away.”

“When I started, I expected to work with experienced engineers who really know what they are doing. That is really true. And to someone like me, who wants to improve and learn new things, this is a great place to work. What I didn’t expect when I first came here, was how much contact I have with colleagues in other countries. It’s great to know people from other cultures, sharing the same drive to develop the best possible solutions for our customers. We have an open and inclusive atmosphere, inspired by Scrum and Sociocracy 3.0. We use various developer forums to agree on the way forward for establishing new frameworks or technologies. And in my projects, we are people with a wide range of skills. We are front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, business analysts, dev-ops specialists, scrum masters, agile coaches, testers, architects and a lot more.”

“Right now, I am fully focused on our wholesale business, developing the web site where customers interact with us. We are offering other operators and businesses supreme world-wide connectivity. To continuously improve we listen to customers and track their sales, examine the use of different functions and follow the technical status of response times and availability for the different microservices in the applications we are developing. We are also starting to build some of our applications in a public cloud. As you enter the cloud, there are so many new alternatives and opportunities. Working with cutting-edge solutions like this, means that I need to stay ahead myself. Luckily working here means that you have access to amazing people that help you develop, but I also study a lot on my own, and keep updated by listening to podcasts and reading about new technology whenever I get the opportunity.”

“Besides technology, I have another passion. Bicycles. I ride mountain bikes and I race road bikes. I spend a lot of time in the saddle, but I also work on my bike in the workshop. Every small detail needs to be perfect. And the same goes for developing IT solutions, everything needs to be just right when the solution goes live. If you want to be a winner, you always have to go the extra mile.”