“Stepping up the game”

Former World of Warcraft champion Raakel Aaltonen landed her dream job at Telia and is now taking gaming to new levels, bringing esports to the masses.

“I have been a passionate gamer since I was a kid, playing with consoles, PCs, mobiles and any kind of platform you can think of. For a period, I got to the very top, playing World of Warcraft. Imagine the joy I have working with what I love every day.”

“In Finland and in all around the world, gaming is becoming a massive movement. Just as a reference, the gaming focused social media platform, Twitch has more than 140 million unique users every month. But the step from playing with friends to competing in the bigger leagues is gigantic. Today professional esports is open for just a chosen few, which is something I want to change. Together with my team I am are working on new ways to widen the scene, and open up for more people to become professional players and monetize on their gaming talent.“

“I wanted to join Telia because we are a pioneer in the gaming and esports industry. And by joining Telia, I am part of a team with the resources to make sure that the local scene grows and thereby make my dream of making esports mainstream come true. Recently we acquired Finland’s biggest gaming, esports and demoscene event, Assembly and we are sponsoring two of the biggest and most successful teams in the Nordics. This is just the start, we have a lot of new exciting things up our sleeves.”

”When I came here, I was surprised and impressed by how big we are in the Nordics and Baltics! I was also stunned by how huge our global network is, enabling the most direct path to the worlds top esports servers for a great gaming experience. And what an edge we will have with the new 5G networks! There is so much untapped potential and I truly feel that the sky is the limit for me, Telia and the future of gaming and esports.”