"Driven by customer satisfaction”

Get to know Sally Emini, Account Manager for small and midsize companies. She has had many different roles within Telia, and has grown and developed from working with outbound tele sales to a role with her own, big customers.

“I started working for Telia after my studies. I wanted to work for a big company with heaps of opportunities and room for me to grow and develop in different areas. And when Telia had an open position for an outbound sales person, I applied for it right away. I hoped that it would be a springboard to develop myself and become great at sales. And it could not have been truer.”

 “So far, I have had six different roles, and it has been an amazing journey giving me a unique set of skills and knowledge of different aspects of the company. Today I am an Account Manager with the responsibility of selling all of our products and managing my own customer base. It’s a great job, a great responsibility and a great challenge every day.”

“I have not only grown and developed in my different roles, I have also been inspired to educate myself further. So, in addition to being promoted five times, I now have a degree in International Trade and Marketing.”

“The work here is very inspiring. Apart from all the amazing people at the office, I travel every week to meet customers who challenge my team to create new solutions to meet their needs. Traveling and meeting people is always inspiring, even if it’s on roads that you know well from before.”

 “I am a competitive person, both privately and at work. Always improving and performing better is a fundamental driver for me. To get my customers trust and respect, I have to be the best version of myself every day. I have been competing in sports since I was a child, and in many ways it’s similar to my work – it’s all about perfection, hard work, and never quitting.”

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