"On her way to success"

Sophie Hildestad, DareTrainee

Sophie Hildestad started her career in Telia’s global trainee program DareTrainee and has worked closely with Telia’s CEO in Denmark. Now, after completion, she is moving on to working with strategy in our office in Copenhagen.

“I joined Telia because I thought the DareTrainee program sounded like a unique opportunity and I really loved the people I met during the recruitment process. They all gave me a really good idea of what to expect from the program – I expected it to be a challenge and I expected to learn a lot. And I also anticipated a vibrant work environment, and meeting lots of inspiring people.”

“But it’s more than a program, basically I got a job, with a 12-month training period during which I have had the opportunity to work on projects that I like, solving tasks that are close to what I will be doing in the future.”

“I work with different teams in Copenhagen, but I have also built strong relationships with the other DareTrainees and we have had a designated, cutting edge project that we collaborate on.”

“I don’t think I had truly understood what it meant to be a DareTrainee. I thought the Dare part of the job title was just a buzzword. I can now tell you that when my leaders say they want you to be daring, they mean it, and - best of all - they listen to what I have to say.“

“Working with the CEO and the executive management team means that there is always a lot of things happening. I have my own, main responsibilities, but on top of that there is a lot of ad hoc work, meaning that you need to make room for flexibility in your calendar. What you think you’ll be working on at the beginning of the day, might be completely different at the end of the day.”

“I had never expected to be working as close with the Executive Management team as I do now, and I never stop being amazed by how much knowledge and learning they pour into me. In short, I was surprised by how quickly Telia ‘took me in’. Not just work-wise, but also culture-wise.”

“My manager is very set on making sure that we all have a great work-life balance, so outside the program, I love doing sports, but also just hanging out with my friends having a dinner and maybe a few drinks together.”