"The next big thing"

The music tech startup Stagecast in Stockholm

From university students with a passion for tech, music and events to a startup that got off the ground when brought together with Telia Company’s expertise and coaching. Meet the music tech startup Stagecast and hear their story with Telia.

One of the ways Telia Company is engaged in the startup community is through its coaching and mentoring program for up and coming startups, Coach Your Business.
Stagecast founders Hedvig Ahlgren, Markus Wallentin and Jonas Hermann were part of the same project group when studying at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
“We share the same fascination for the future of technology, passion for music and deep interest in the event industry. This drew us together and formed the basis for Stagecast.”

Struggling startups need support

“Being a startup means long day’s and hard work - we love what we do and we’re set on success. It also means that we need all the support we can get – advice, investments, contacts – you name it.”

“The Telia coaches have helped and challenged us. They’ve opened many doors and expanded our network. The mentoring program has accelerated our journey. Another great thing is the support we got with our hackathon events, helping us to establish LiveHacks as the place for big companies to meet talented and creative people and work on common challenges.”

“Today, we’re a team of 10, and our office is located at Amplify, Sweden’s first music tech incubator. During the past year we have received industry investment and customers so things are really starting to happen now.”

What’s in it for Telia?

Telia Company is working closely together with startups to tap into fresh thinking. Ultimately, the goal is to find the next big thing but the aim is also to get inspiration and new ideas and to help the startup off the ground and into the next level.  
“As a big company, we need to be open to new ideas, Coaching startups is one way of achieving that,” says Peter Borsos, chair of Division X at Telia Company.