“Playing in a bigger league”

Say “Bon Jour” to Tanuja Rameaux who is a rising star at Telia Carrier’s office in Paris. She had a degree in technology and a great job on Mauritius, but she wanted to be part of something greater and play in a bigger league. Today she is taking care of customers as a Delivery Manager at Telia Carrier in Paris.

“Going from having a specialist role to working as a Delivery Manager was made possible by my leader, who puts a lot of trust in me. Early on, I was given the mandate and responsibility to not only oversee parts of the delivery, but to take full responsibility for whole projects. I have always had a passion for customer-centric technology, so this job is perfect for me. Moving to Paris from the small island Mauritius, was a major step for me. I worked for a local telecoms operator back home, but I wanted to find a place where I could use my degree in technology for something greater and play in a bigger league.“

“Carrier is a wonderful part of Telia Company, and I love it here, things are always changing, and it’s always enriching, challenging and fun. We are a world-leading, global backbone that makes up a large part of the internet, connecting operators and cloud providers across three continents.“

“We are on a big change journey and every day I am stimulated and supported to make sure our change agenda is successful. Still, it’s great to be able to spend quality time with one’s family and have a career. A work-life where I feel valued, empowered and trusted in everything I do.”

“I have always been passionate about music, especially the piano. The soothing notes of the piano are divine to my ears and it’s fascinating how musicians can play music that touches souls. I tend to think that it relates to the way we need to do business now, how we need to reach out and add value to each and every one of our customers.”