"Turning movements into opportunities”

Tapio Levä, Head of Analytics Business at Telia in Helsinki

Get to know Tapio Levä who is connecting the dots for Telia’s customers by offering new perspectives based on user data from our networks. It’s called crowd insights and it helps companies to improve their businesses, be more relevant to their customers and minimize their CO2 footprint.

“Working with crowd insights is a natural development for an analytical tech guy like me. I have spent years researching how to adopt new technologies, so joining a company that sits right in the middle of the digital transformation of society is exactly where I want to be.”

“I have been with Telia for a few years now, I started out in IT and worked with developing new businesses. Today I have moved on and am leading our analytics business. We are doing amazing stuff here, creating new business opportunities for our customers, and having a positive impact to society at the same time. By analyzing anonymous data from our users and their movements, we can help companies and public services to become more relevant and contribute to a more sustainable society. One such example is helping public transportation companies plan their routes and time tables, based on how and when people move and travel. The result is buses and trains at the right place with the right capacity at the right time. Customers love it and by optimizing the traffic, the impact on the climate is minimized too.”

“To be frank, when I came here, I was surprised by how long careers people are having at Telia. 15 years is nothing. First, I wondered if people are just comfortable, but later I realized that the reason people stay is that this is a truly great place to work. People change positions often and rapid technological change keep the work interesting and allow for continuous learning. There are always new opportunities coming your way and at any given time, you can choose between a number of new projects and join exciting teams. You will find great opportunities here; it is just up to you to make something great out of them.”

“It’s great to have a job and family that I love, but a few nights every week, I sneak out of our home to play basketball with my team. I love basketball and don’t only play, but also coach my guys to success in the third division. On the basketball court, understanding and analyzing movements to come up with new game plans, is key to win the game. And leadership is as important on court as off court.”