What you believe in, dream of, value and strive for sit at the very core of what we promise our people and how we do business. We are led by a clear common purpose and a strong set of values. We know our people want the responsibility to pursue their own path towards their next big opportunity; to be part of a workplace where they feel a strong sense of belonging; and access to great people, tools and technology that will create opportunities for impact in the societies in which we operate.

Take your time to browse these pages and get a full understanding of what it means to be part of our family.

What we strive for
Inspired by our leading technology, we strive to develop world-class products and services that bring the world closer to what really matters to our customers and to society. And just like our technology, we are constantly evolving. Which is why we want driven and skilled people like you to join us in continuing to make this goal a reality.

What we offer you
Regardless of the position you are looking for, we will give you the tools and support you need to create your personal growth as you progress on the Telia journey. We want to help you improve, both as a professional and as a human, by increasing your value in the workplace and setting you up for your next big opportunity in life.

Telia has been named one of Sweden’s Most attractive employers 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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We have customers all over the world and our services and networks are a part of people’s lives everywhere. Our customers are private individuals and companies. They are all unique, men and women, of all ages, from different backgrounds and cultures. And to be relevant to all of our customers, we need to mirror that reality by being genuinely diverse and inclusive. Diversity, to us, is simply a way of being. It makes work more stimulating and it drives our performance. Diversity enriches our business and our culture, it inspires innovation and it makes work more fun.

So, at our home, everyone can be themselves with equal access to opportunities.

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One key factor is our attention to self-leadership. We expect all of our staff to take responsibility for creating and developing an opportunity to grow at Telia.


We take collective responsibility for the values that shape the way we work together, ensuring we empower each other to grow at work and to reach our goals.