People of Telia working remotely

To help the People of Telia to continue to get the job done and stay healthy while working from home, we have put together an overview of essential information and tips on how to communicate, lead, learn and collaborate virtually at Telia Company. We are happy to share this with you!


Stay healthy when working from home

Now, when many of us work from home, we have less natural breaks and we have trouble sticking to routines. This is why we have put together this short video with fitness coach Joanna Swica, she gives you some tips on how to stay healthy when working from home.

  • Moving around a lot
  • Challenge your team to exercise
  • Using your sofa and chairs as gym equipment
  • Stretching with a broomstick
  • And how to get simple exercises into your daily life
  • By keep moving, stretching, having breaks and breathe some fresh air every now and then, you will feel better when working from home.

Introducing Online-Meeting-Bingo!

We think that we can all agree that online meetings, video conferences and telcos work really well. But we also know that there is room for improvement. Whilst waiting for the perfect online experience, we want to share this bingo game with you.

  • Send the bingo card to your colleagues.
  • Keep score of what people say in your online meeting.
  • Be the first to check five in a row, vertically or horizontally and you are a winner!

We do everything we can to make work-life at home as smooth as possible, but we know that it can be a frustrating at times. So, enjoy online-meeting-bingo and have some fun!