How to Invoice Telia Company

Find below the minimum requirements to be applied to invoices sent to a Telia Company. If these are not met, the invoice will be returned to the vendor.

A correct invoice address must contain the name of the legal company, to which an order belongs. Due to tax legislation it’s not allowed to change the company name on a specific invoice.

The invoice must contain the following information:

  • Purchase order number

  • Item quantity

  • Unit price (same currency as in contract and purchase order)

Required tax information:

  • Invoice number

  • VAT registration number/Corporate identification number

  • Applied tax rate

  • VAT amount to be paid

  • Reversed tax chargeability for construction companies

  • F-tax card information

Required bank information:

  • Required information to be able to execute a payment

  • Bank account/ PlusGiro/ Bankgiro

  • OCR / invoice reference

  • IBAN number

  • SWIFT address

If the invoice does not contain a purchase order number, the invoice must be marked with the name of the purchaser and the cost object (cost center, WBS number, internal order or profit center). 

Debit and credit invoices must be separate and the credit invoices always include information about the debit invoice number. 

Rental Invoices shall in addition to the information above also include the contract/agreement number.

Please note: in special cases can other billing addresses be used. One example is electricity invoices in Sweden.

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