How to send invoices to Telia Company

The preferred way for suppliers to send invoices to Telia Company is by PDF to the automated invoice process. Find all email addresses and postal addresses for the invoices to be sent to on inovice addresses.

All the minimum requirements to be applied to invoices sent to a Telia Company can be found on PDF-invoicing. If these are not met, the invoice will be returned to the supplier.

Please follow these steps when sending a PDF invoice to Telia Company: 

  • The invoice must be in PDF file format. Each invoice must be a separate PDF file containing all of the pages of the invoice.
  • An e-mail message may contain several attached invoices (PDF files) but maximum size per e-mail is 100 MB.
  • Each PDF file must have a unique file name.
  • E-mail messages containing only text, or any other attached media besides PDF files will not be able to be processed.
  • All legal information and bank details on the invoice needs to be typed in black to be visible and processed by the scanning machine. Invoices with information typed in other colours than black are not guaranteed to be processed correctly.
  • This is an automatic process therefore your emails will not be read.

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