How to invoice Telia Company

At Telia Company, we are committed to conducting business responsibly and we wish to strengthen the sustainable business practices in our industry together with our suppliers. We follow regulations and only executes payments based on valid original invoices. To be able to make payments in correct time it is necessary that Telia Company receives invoices that are compliant and follow legal and company requirements. All invoices not following requirements will be rejected. Telia Company has made a commitment with our Daring goals and in line with that we also wish all our suppliers to be more environmentally friendly. We have many solutions for sending e-invoices and highly recommend all our suppliers to stop sending invoices on paper.

Invoice requirements and guidelines 

Telia Company invoice and PDF invoice requirements

Telia Company invoicing guidelines

Invoice addresses

Telia Company postal invoice addresses and PDF invoice addresses


Read more about diffrent ways of sending e-invoices to Telia Company here.


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