Whistleblowing and Speak-Up Line

At Telia Company we are committed to conduct our business with the highest possible standards of transparency, integrity and accountability. We encourage all our employees and stakeholders to speak up if they suspect serious wrong doings and share their concerns.

Please tell us if you experience or witness a conduct that you think may violate human rights, our Code of Responsible Business Conduct, or other Telia Company policies and instructions. This includes violation of laws, rules, regulations and/or a direct threat to public interest. Examples of violations include fraud, misrepresentation of financial transactions, corruption, discrimination or occupational health and safety concerns. 

Most of our countries of operations allow anonymous reporting. In every case, we are committed to handle the reports confidentially and protect whistleblowers from the risk of retaliation as long as the report is made in good faith.

Speak-Up Line is our Telia Company common incident reporting portal where one can file whistle-blowing reports, security incidents reports, health and safety incident reports, and telecom fraud reports.
It’s a web based portal that can be accessed via internet, for instance from your home computer or from an internet café. All personal data will be protected at all time and anonymized when the case is closed.

Telia Company will notify the person who is subject to a report at a time when it is regarded safe from the investigation point of view. The subject of the report will then be informed about the accusations and be given an opportunity to respond to them. Through all this, the whistleblower’s identity will be kept confidential.

When you submit a report, you will be provided with a unique report key and password to enable you to safely communicate with the investigator. We urge you to follow up regularly to check the report for answers or feedback from the investigator.

Whistleblowing and Speak-Up line

The Speak-Up Line is our web portal for whistle-blowing. Here you can anonymously report violations of Human Rights, breaches of our Code of Ethics and Conduct or any other kind misconduct.