Customer service – at the heart of digital transformation

Digitalization is driving changes in customer behavior, while rapid technological development is creating a new business paradigm. Meeting these challenges is the key to success.

To achieve this success means shifting focus from specific channels to a holistic customer experience – one that embraces assisted customer care as well as online excellence. Companies that do so will strengthen competitiveness, increase customer loyalty, and decrease operational costs. In the public sector, this will provide better service while unlocking welfare-related resources.

Customer service – your crown jewel

A good customer service experience is seamless, with the native intelligence to route customer enquiries to the right answer or person, regardless of channel.

Your customer service employees know how to match their skills to their customer’s needs – a good system will support them, being one step ahead in each contact, providing them with the relevant historical data at their fingertips:

‘Who is the customer’, ‘What’s the reason for contact’, ‘What previous engagement have they had with the company’? The agent should have this information readily available, regardless of context – whether previous communication has been by phone, chat, email, social media, or text.

By seamless routing, an agent’s skills provide the most value – and the customer gets the best service. No underused agents – no frustrated customers.

‘Interaction Analytics’ lets you analyze large amounts of real-time and historical data and provide insights from these interactions. Robotic automation allows you to speed up processes where human interaction is not required, improving efficiency.

Customer loyalty. You need to earn it – every time

A true omnichannel experience means offering excellent service regardless of channel. Most contacts today start online – ideally, that’s where the problem gets solved. Besides creating an intuitive and responsive website, you can exceed customers’ requirements by introducing a smart FAQ allied to a chatbot.

A good chatbot can assist the customer in specific areas and even learn over time. When properly configured, a good ‘bot will hand over the conversation to a human expert when required. The chatbot’s conversation will be available to the agent alongside other historical data for fast problem resolution.

‘Free speech’ is another elegant way of serving the customer, limiting their exposure to complicated menus, instead providing a natural way of making enquiries. Where possible, the customer can find the information they require before resorting to a phone call – and if they do call, they can be offered alternate means of enquiry.

AI customer service is both streamlining the customer journey and providing new and intelligent ways to add value for business and ease customers’ frustrations.

Telia Ace

Making conversations flow

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Telia ACE is a platform designed for seamless customer meetings and smart conversations. With the help of built-in intelligence, you will be one step ahead in each contact with all historical data at your disposal. Telia ACE has all the features necessary for an effective online customer meeting, from smart FAQ and chatbot to live video. Customer conversations are routed through all channels to the correct answer or to a person with the right skill. It is as simple as it is efficient.

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Why Telia

Telia Company is a leading supplier of contact center solutions. We offer a full suite of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, along with selected partner products. We are the partner of choice to help you digitalize your customer service:

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