IOT Solutions

Great IoT solutions have one thing in common: a clear purpose. That's why we offer advisory services as well as IoT connectivity, platform and industry-specific offerings – to help our customers solve real-world problems and make the most of real-world opportunities. Because we believe IoT is not a tech revolution – it’s a business revolution.


Telia IoT is helping to transform companies, industries and cities across the Nordics & Baltics, and through over 400 roaming partners worldwide. We deliver IoT connectivity ranging from the massive scale of NB-IoT / LTE-M to the High performance IoT (4G LTE) and Emerging IoT (5G). But connectivity is just the start.


The Telia IoT Platform solutions delivers end-to-end control of your IoT devices and connectivity. It gives you the visibility, control and insight to transform your business – without getting stuck in technology.

By combining Telia’s digital infrastructure and IoT expertise with best-of-breed technology partners; the Telia IoT Platform makes IoT simple. It gives you all the tools you need to explore, scale and commercialise your business.


Our IOT solutions

IoT Packages

You get full connectivity to our IoT network, so that you can build or expand, plus portal access to see exactly what's happening. Suitable for massive and high-demanding needs.

IoT for any conditions

IoT doesn’t always happen in an air-conditioned office. And sometimes, the tougher the conditions, the greater the opportunity. That’s why we provide a range of technologies for special needs.

Economies of scale

The true potential of IoT is realized at scale.
When you start hitting big numbers, we offer you economies of scale.

IOT Security

Extra security for extra sensitive data. Talk to us about a customized APN / VPN solution.

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