Telia global enterprise

As the leading operator in the Nordics and Baltics with global capabilities, we have set up a dedicated team focused on enabling international companies based in the Nordics and Baltics to succeed in today's hyper-competitive world.

Our ambition is to always be two steps ahead – always considering how we might improve. When helping with your transition into a digitalized company, we bring our knowledge and expertise to bear, ensuring customers get the highest levels of performance and efficiency from our networks, technologies, and solutions.

Our trusted customer team
We manage our relations with our customers with a dedicated Telia team, through a single point of contact when required. Our international customers know us and trust us.

We can work with you beyond borders
We serve hundreds of millions of end customers, delivering our services to companies via our global fiber backbone, mobile networks, and through our strategic and industry alliances and partnerships across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
Directly or via partnerships, we have a presence in 100+ countries, with operations in 25, commercial offices or legal entities in 19, and remote operations in 3.

We make buying easy
Our drive to make buying easy stems from one of our three core values - 'Simplify':

  • We drive ease of buying in a smart and compliant manner, ensuring realization of customers’ contracted benefits
  • We provide intuitive purchasing interfaces and simplified, smart, and efficient processes
  • We ensure that our customer team offer high quality, accurate deliveries and excellent partnering

We improve our Time to Market
Our improvements in Time-to-Market are also based on our core value of  'Simplify':

  • Take actionable decisions and deliver with speed
  • Teamwork based on transparent communication, active collaboration, and knowledge sharing
  • Operations with efficient processes and clear ownership

Customer satisfaction based on Telia Enterprise Governance
Telia Enterprise Governance describes the cooperation and overall governance between our customers and Telia, from the transition project handover until the end of the contract. The goal is that all efforts within Telia’s service deliveries are in line with our customer’s business needs, for deliveries and costs to be predictable and for our customers to be satisfied and interested in developing our cooperation.