Annual general meeting

Telia Company is a Swedish public company and is governed by the Swedish Companies Act and the company's Articles of Association. According to the Companies Act, the shareholders' general meeting is the highest decision-making forum where the owners exercise their shareholder power. At the general meeting, one share is equal to one vote. The Annual General Meeting is held in Stockholm, as this is where Telia Company has its registered office.

The Annual General Meeting determines, among other matters, the appropriation of the Company's profits and whether to discharge the Board of Directors and President from liability. The Annual General Meeting also appoints the Board of Directors and auditor and makes decisions regarding remuneration to the Board and auditor. These decisions are made through a simple majority vote. Shareholders also decide, through ordinary or extraordinary general meetings of shareholders, on share issues, option programs and share buybacks, etc.

Notice of the general meeting is always posted as an advertisement in the Swedish newspapers Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter and Post- och Inrikes Tidningar, as well as in a press release and may also be posted in other daily newspapers. The notice is also published at Normally, no special notice is sent to the shareholders. Decisions made at the general meeting are made public through a press release immediately following the closing of the meeting.