TeliaSonera Anadolu High School opens in Van, Eastern Turkey

Last week marked the official opening of the new, 24 classroom large TeliaSonera Anadolu High School. The new TeliaSonera Anadolu High School will accommodate a total of 1,500 students in two shifts. It has replaced one of the biggest schools in the city, Kazim Karabekir high school, which became unusable after the earthquake. 

Construction of TeliaSonera Anadolu High School was completed in four and a half months, after laying the foundation in June 2012. The school has an earthquake-resistant steel construction using the latest technologies and is equipped with an elevator for disabled students. There is also a special technology classroom with 3D video and presentation equipment, which will be used both for studies and as a conference room.
“We are honoured to have been able to provide tangible support to the children in Van, who have lost their schools, and in some cases also their teachers”, says Halim Ates, Eurasia Vice President, TeliaSonera. “Our charity project will take an important place among the many social responsibility projects which TeliaSonera runs in the countries of operation, especially in Eurasia.”

An earthquake with a magnitude of seven by Richter scale hit Van in November 2011. It destroyed many buildings in the city, including almost all the school buildings. TeliaSonera decided to support earthquake victims by financing construction of a high school. The respective protocol was signed in Ankara on December 7, 2011 by the Mayor of Van Munir Karaloglu, Minister of Education Omer Dincer and Vice-President of TeliaSonera Eurasia Halim Ates.
In the framework of the national “Fatih” project of the Turkish Ministry of Education, which envisages bringing modern technologies for education to all schools across Turkey, all classes in TeliaSonera Anadolu High School have been equipped with interactive touch-screen boards, multifunctional printers and fixed line Internet connection. Teachers have received tablet computers. Looking ahead, the second stage of the national “Fatih” project aims at distributing tablet computers also to all students in Turkish schools.