Faster to market necessary for survival

Mobile Internet, smartphones and the emergence of M2M has put pressure on service providers. An increasingly complex value chain has evolved and operators need to speed up the process in producing new products and services to survive. Listen to the interview from Mobile World Congress 2012 with Kennth Rådne, Head of Product Management on what has been done to meet the situation.

If service providers don't adjust they will be victims to the OTT (over the top players) that will cannibalise on the network.

This evolution exposes service providers to the needs of new industries; those service providers that can work with and support these needs will thrive while the slowest will fall by the wayside. The key seems to be to create partner programs, and TeliaSonera is on track. Listen to Kennet Rådne, Head of Product Management on his participation in the seminar.


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