M2M market is moving fast

The M2M market is taking off. Some years ago Ericsson predicted that more than 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Today that figure is disputed by some and that the real figure will be much higher. Listen to the keynote speeches during the conference from the symposium.

Opening introduction and welcome with Hans Dahlberg, Head of TeliaSonera Global M2M Services, host of the M2M symposium.

Lars Nyberg CEO of TeliaSonera
Gives a background to the change that is taking place in the market and the changes in price strukture that needs to take place.

Miguel Blockstrand, Head of Product Management for Connected  Devices and Industries, Ericsson AB
When one person connects, their life change. With everything connected our world changes for good. Miguel will present Ericsson’s vision of the Networked Society, its driving forces and its impact on people, business and society. The presentation will also look at the characteristics of the M2M business today, and how ICT capabilities can enable its development. The ongoing transformation of the M2M business will open up new opportunities, lead to more efficient use of common enablers and provide an open market to develop and deploy new services. Miguel will also present Ericsson’s general position and how the company is addressing M2M challenges end-to-end, as well as provide some best-practice examples of industries leveraging ICT.

Jim Morrish, CO founder Maschina Research.
Specialists in research and consulting firm based in UK. Detailed analysis of the M2M market based on 13 focus sectors including deep analysis of 60 application groups and hundreds of applications separately, including connection, traffic, revenue etc. Jim Morrish talks about the overall M2M opportunity and examples on application using M2M

The benefits of M2M and how it can give you the competitive edge
Pane debate hosted by Jim Morrish -  Hans Dahlberg, Head of TeliaSonera Global M2M Services, Jürgen Hase, Vice President M2M Competence Center, Deutsche Telekom AG and Rodolphe Frugès, Vice President - Internet of Things and M2M, FT Orange Group.

Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar
How many vehicles are really connected today? How is the global market developing? Is there a business case for the key stakeholders? What are the challenges to cross the chasm? Hottest business and technology trends! This session will provide the vision for the Connected Vehicle, explain where we are today and what the opportunities are, as well as define the major challenges and suggest how they can be solved.