Smart fashion objects protects women

Women that are stalked or just feel threatened when walking alone late at night can now feel more secure. By wearing a specially designed bracelet, that send a text message stating your gps-position, three prechoosen friends will be alarmed in case of an assault.

Women that are stalked or just feel threatened when walking alone late at night can now feel more secure. A specially designed bracelet that sends a text message indicating the wearer’s GPS-position, allows her to alarm three pre-selected friends in case of an assault.

If the woman wearing the bracelet feels threatened, she sticks her finger under the bracelet and pulls. A text message is then sent to three designated persons, showing her GPS position on a map. If the woman does not answer her cell phone when the persons call her back, they can react. In Sweden you can also choose a Premium Protection Plan, i.e. when you pull the bracelet, an alarm goes directly to G4S’s (the world’s largest security company) alarm receiving centre, showing your exact position on their screens. Then they call you back to see if you are OK and if you cannot give them the correct password they will send over a unit. It is difficult for someone who is not familiar with the bracelet to remove it and consequently it is easy to follow the woman via GPS during an assault or if she is kidnapped.

Commercial launch

The PFO One bracelet will be commercially launched in Sweden and England in February 2012 and initially sold in 18 shops. The bracelet will also be available via the web shop at for women all over the world. PFO’s pages on Facebook already have 150,000 followers and women from South America, Africa and Asia have shown interest in the protection the bracelet gives.

The primary target group of the PFO One bracelet is women that are threatened or feel unsafe. But it can also be used by men, children and young people that need extra protection.

The battery lasts for three days before requiring a recharge. During those three days there is no need to remove the bracelet, you can even wear it in the shower.

Below interview with PFOinc CEO Johan Carlsson.


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