SIDA publishes presentations from its "ICT in a changing world" conference

The Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA) publishes key note speakers' presentations from its "ICT in a changing world" conference, held June 13 in Stockholm

TeliaSonera participated in the full-day conference and workshop organised by SIDA for governments, civil societies, companies and investors. The workshop dealt with issues such as the respective roles of governments and companies in protecting and respecting human rights. The seminar also highlighted examples of how telecommunications can bring significant benefits such as mobile banking and mobile health to emerging markets.
Patrik Hiselius from TeliaSonera, gave a presentation on the telecom’s recently instigated Industry Dialogue among telecom companies, based on the UN framework efforts to respect freedom of expression and the right to privacy. He highlighted that in order to be successful; the Industry Dialogue requires discussion with all types of stakeholders, including governments, civil societies and other companies in the telecom sector.
Lisa Emilia Svensson from the Swedish Government lay out the challenges and opportunities involved. Other speakers included Carina Lundberg Markow from Folksam and Milka Pietikainen from Millicom.

Swedish development agency SIDA has published the presentations (ppt’s and movies) as well as a summary article - you can access all the materials via the link below.