TeliaSonera joins Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC)

TeliaSonera has joined the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC): a co-operation of nine European telecommunication operators conducting combined CSR audits across common suppliers. This united strength in the ICT sector will continue to advance responsible and sustainable growth across the supply chain.

JAC is an association of telecom operators founded by Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Telecom Italia in 2010. In addition to JAC's primary focus of striving to achieve higher CSR standards across the supply chain, its members benefit from its common industry approach in reducing the need for multiple, often duplicated and varied CSR audits. Since its inception in 2010 JAC's members have been growing steadily enabling it to increasingly drive a higher CSR standard across the supply chain. Consequently, more than 50 audits have been carried out on ICT suppliers in China, Taiwan, India, Japan, South Korea, Eastern Europe and South America.

- For any company with a good level of demands on suppliers, monitoring sustainability performance is important and requires major effort. JAC is an excellent example of how telecom operators can join forces, beyond competition, to influence sustainability performance of our common suppliers in a positive way and at the same time save resources, says Eija Pitkänen, Head of Sustainability TeliaSonera.

- Becoming a member of JAC is an important step for TeliaSonera in our sustainability action plan, and we look forward to putting the joint approach into practice.

The JAC currently consists of the following nine telecom companies that have all signed a Memorandum of Understanding: Belgacom, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, KPN, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, Telenor Group, TeliaSonera and Vodafone.

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