TeliaSonera on panel at EuroDig

Last week TeliaSonera participated in a panel during the EuroDig (the Pan-European Dialogue on Internet Governance) in Stockholm.

EuroDig is an open platform for informal and inclusive discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to Internet Governance (IG) between stakeholders from across Europe.

The stakeholders participating in the EuroDIG programme network comprise of representatives from: civil society, the business sector, the technical and academic community as well as European governments, institutions and organisations including EU-representatives.

Key focus areas of EuroDig in Stockholm were the challenges and actions to foster economic innovation, e-skills and digital inclusion and how the Internet can make my life better. The range of topics covered areas such as: Internet as a catalyst for economic and social development; Protection of online freedoms and human rights; Social innovation and or education through technology, Empowerment, e-skills, development of digital cities and regions.

Patrik Hiselius of TeliaSonera participated in a panel on public-private cooperation in the fight against cyber-crime and the safeguarding of cyber security, presenting TeliaSonera efforts in the fight against child sexual abuse images online. The key focus of the panel was to discuss issues such as: who is responsible for cyber security, how can citizens and or businesses be best protected and the protection of citizens’ rights in cyberspace.


Download the agenda from Eurodig