Latest news in the Badakshan region in Eastern Tajikistan

Due to political unrest in the Badakshan region in Eastern Tajikistan all operators’ communication networks in the region have been shut down at the request of the government from July 25. The network closure initially affected around 115 thousand of Tcell’s (part of TeliaSonera) subscribers, or about 5% of Tcell’s subscriber base. Since then some of the base stations have been switched on.

On August 1 the Global Network Initiative (GNI) issued a statement.

On July 25, all operators and ISPS active in Tajikistan, inclusive Tcell, were also requested to block Internet access to several websites including and websites, due to security reasons.

Last week access to the websites was allowed for a while, but since then access has, once again, been blocked.

We hope the situation in Eastern Tajikistan soon improves so that we can resume our communication services in the region. Our partner in Tcell – the Aga Khan Foundation – are actively involved in negotiating a solution to the regional crisis.