Day 1 at #AppDirectSummit: tailor make app solutions for each customer

September 10-13, AppDirection Partner Summit is taking place in San Francisco, USA. TeliaSonera’s David Saadat reports on the latest from the app and cloud service industry:

- There is a need in enabling services delivered in a private or a public cloud, says Tiffani Bova, analyst at Gartner. Future cloud services will probably contain both and be a hybrid cloud solution.

The cloud and app service industry has really exploded over the years, and now a lot of companies that really can benefit from using app and cloud services don’t do it because they don’t have the instruments to compare and evaluate which solutions to go for. Tiffani Bova touched on this and showed us the importance of having a customized solution for each client.

For me, this was particularly interesting since I am here to see what app solutions that can fit the needs of our clients, and I can see that having a broad selection of solutions isn’t going to make our selection of cloud services interesting. We need to take it further and make a special selection for each client. By being a trusted advisor, we need to understand and recommend solutions to our customers that solves their problem or help them be more effective.  Customer insight and ability to tailor make the services will help our customers to succeed, and their success is our success.

Our partner AppDirect and their CTO Andy Sen presented their upcoming roadmap with a lot of new and useful features for using the app marketplace on mobile terminals as well as targeting larger customers.

The AppDirect partner summit is a great place to network and learn from others. Tomorrow I hope to have more discussions with application developers to learn and understand how they together with us can contribute in the creation of an attractive marketplace of cloud services for our customers.

AppDirection Partner Summit

The AppDirect Partner Summit is arranged by AppDirect and focuses on cloud and app trends and best practices for cloud service brokerage, CSB. It takes place in San Fransisco, USA, September 10th-12th, 2013.

David Saadat is the TeliaSonera delegate at the AppDirect Partner Summit. He is a business developer of strategic partnerships for cloud based services and applications for TeliaSonera’s business customers: 

- Cloud services and applications are important for both business customers and consumers, to stay mobile wherever they are, whenever they want. I think cloud services will become a more natural part of our business customers’ everyday life. Smaller companies will drive the usage of cloud services for business customers forward.