Day 2 #AppDirectPartnerSummit, sign documents with a press on a button

September 10-13, AppDirection Partner Summit is taking place in San Francisco, USA. TeliaSonera’s David Saadat reports on the latest from the app and cloud service industry:

Today I had the possibility to meet with a company called DocuSign

Many of our customers have probably been in a situation where they need to get a document signed but realized there’s no printer or scanner available. Now there is a smart and easy way to solve that situation. By using a secure eSignature on any device you can put your signature on documents anywhere at any time.

I have personally tried the service for signing personal documents and it is as easy as zapping between tv channels. As a business owner, you can’t neglect the fact that your signature needs to be put down on paper. The time you save from signing documents direct on your mobile or any other device would probably be better spend on your business. It is quite interesting how the signing process is still analogue when the whole document distribution process electronically.

You can have the cake and eat it too, meeting with CakeMail

Despite the name, which might get you to associate with something sweet, CakeMail is a simple to use email marketing campaign tool for small business customer. I had a quick chat today with Steve Smith and how CakeMail effectively help small business customers create slick email marketing campaigns in a second. The service is available for mobile and all other devices you might use. No installations needed. You just create your account and off you go. Happy marketing!  

AppDirection Partner Summit

The AppDirect Partner Summit is arranged by AppDirect and focuses on cloud and app trends and best practices for cloud service brokerage, CSB. It takes place in San Fransisco, USA, September 10th-12th, 2013.

David Saadat is the TeliaSonera delegate at the AppDirect Partner Summit. He is a business developer of strategic partnerships for cloud based services and applications for TeliaSonera’s business customers: 

- Cloud services and applications are important for both business customers and consumers, to stay mobile wherever they are, whenever they want. I think cloud services will become a more natural part of our business customers’ everyday life. Smaller companies will drive the usage of cloud services for business customers forward.