From #m2msymposium: The Connected Cinnamon Bun

TeliaSonera's Anders Trana reports from today's M2M symposium.

The event today has been really exciting. I have seen a lot of different applications of M2M and it goes to show that “Internet of things” is happening now,  and in all kinds of businesses and in all parts of society. GE, Oracle, Tesla, Qualcomm, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and more have spoken about machines, devices, equipment, socks, trees and even pastry being connected at a tremendous rate. Ericsson repeated its estimate, that we will see 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

One of our partners in the TeliaSonera M2M Partner Program is Prevas. They have developed software and a user interface for a professional oven used in for example bakeries and restaurants. The oven is equipped with a communications module that connects it to the mobile network. The interface is based on Android and connects the oven to an online database of recipes. A bakery could for example download the recipe for a particular bread.

The oven can then communicate to the "user" (baker) through an Android-device or directly through the oven’s interface what settings should be used for that particular bread. It can also tell user if they need to do something special during the baking process. The oven can also be remotely controlled, so if the baker needs to be somewhere else making cakes, he can start the oven by using his Android smartphone.

I have never seen anything like this before, and I am sure this is just the start. What would you like to connect in your home or in your workplace?


The M2M Symposium takes place November 13, 2013 at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.

Anders Trana is responsible for innovation and business development at the TeliaSonera M2M department. At the M2M Symposium he will meet with clients and peers in all fields of industry to get inspired and make connections for the future development of M2M in TeliaSonera:

- Our challenge is to connect all things in the world and I know that a lot of this is happening in the motor industry for the moment, so I am curious about what industry will follow in the next couple of years.