Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson visits TeliaSonera to talk innovation

Bruce Dickinson is most known as lead singer for Iron Maiden, one of the world’s most successful heavy metal bands. But Bruce is a man of many talents, including airline pilot, marketing director, writer and entrepreneur. And it was in the latter capacity that he recently visited TeliaSonera’s customer event in Sweden. We took the opportunity to ask Bruce a few questions.

- Everything I do is about people and turning people into fans. And that’s my key message to the companies that I visit; they need to make themselves indispensable for their customers. Otherwise someone else will.
You have achieved a lot during you career. What are you most proud of?
- The things I’ll do tomorrow.

Which is?
- I have no idea, but I’ll be proud of it. In order to be successful you have to believe in yourself and in your ideas. You don’t have to be big, but you need to believe in yourself. Or as Mark Twin put it: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Bruce’s success and achievements have made him a guru among entrepreneurs all over the world. And even if he’s cut back on touring has by no means left the stage. He now travels the world to inspire companies in how to develop their innovation capabilities and create positive customer experiences.
Bruce’s advice to companies is to talk less and listen more.

- Many companies tend to forget that the customer must be in the center of their universe. Take Apple as a case in point, if they had put their customers first would never have brought Apple Maps to the market. And that’s an important lesson: When you sell things you shouldn’t talk, you should listen.

- And sales isn’t really about the product, it’s about emotions. If the product you sell doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do then the emotional tie between the company and the customer is hurt. And that’s obviously a problem. Sales are all about creating and maintaining relations. Everything that happens in the world is about relations.