M2M creates a world of ecosystems- webbinar from MWC

One of the findings when m2m develops is that there will be many different ecosystems on the development market. Each car manufacturer will have their own environment with licensed developers. A mini webbinar from MWC in Barcelona.

Hans Dahlberg, head of m2m, elaborate on his finding on the Mobile World Congress 2013 and how this will affect operators and other players. One typical example is the car manufacturer Ford that just a couple of months ago opened up their platform and allowed outside developers to get access. Duncan Burell, head of the develop platform, explains the reasoning behind the decision and how they certify them and how they gradually let developers get full access to the tools.

The webbinar is on demand due to overload in the network in Barcelona, but we will be online to answer any questions or comments you might have during the day. Please use the commenting field below.

Lars-Åke Johansson