#M2MSymposium: a steady march towards 50 billion connected devices

Anders Trana sums up this year's M2M Symposium:

A few days have passed since our M2M symposium took place at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The symposium was a great success and we had a full house with more than 350 participants, a full program with 21 different  speeches and 25 partners demonstrating a lot of different M2M applications. Thank you all for your participation!

Robert Puskaric speaking at M2M SymposiumWe are now “only” 6 years away from the famous 50 billion connected devices target formed by Ericsson a couple of years ago. We got somewhat of a half time report from Ericssons Robert Puskaric and he said that his personal believe was that 50 billion connected devices 2020 is on the low side. He might be right, if you start to think about how many different devices you have connected in your home already today. I easily counted to more than 20 in my case including TV sets, tablets, security sensors, playstation etc.

If you think a lot of things already are connected in our daily life, the industry has just begun to exploit the opportunity. General Electric Brett May estimates that  the “industrial web” can contribute to production improvement worth more than 15 billion dollars over a period of 15 years. But as more industries connect their “things” and connectivity becomes even more critical I expect we will see higher demands on operators. The networks must work. TeliaSonera recently pioneered the first SLA (service level agreement) for M2M-customers in the Nordic and Baltics including radio network performance. That is a step in the right direction.



The M2M Symposium took place November 13, 2013 at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.

Anders Trana is responsible for innovation and business development at the TeliaSonera M2M department. At the M2M Symposium he will meet with clients and peers in all fields of industry to get inspired and make connections for the future development of M2M in TeliaSonera:

- Our challenge is to connect all things in the world and I know that a lot of this is happening in the motor industry for the moment, so I am curious about what industry will follow in the next couple of years.