Saved from a poisonous snake- just a phone call away

Thanks to a phone, an energetic doctor and a helpful uncle, the sheperd Ilhomdzhon managed to survive a snake bite.

A few months ago, Nurulloi Abdullo from Dushanbe in Tajikistan, was called by his nephew Ilhomdzhon, a twenty three year old man, who had just been bitten by a poisonous snake whilst feeding his flock.

The first thing Ilhomdzhon did was to phone his uncle Nurulloi, who at that moment happened to be in a taxi heading to another city. Fortunately for him, one of the other passengers in the taxi was a doctor and was able to provide lifesaving first aid by phone on what to do whilst they drove directly to where Ilhomdzhon was.

"The doctor called my nephew and began to give him directions what to do."

- Where has the snake stung you? Just above the foot? Do you have a rope? Then undo your belt and tie the leg just above the bite. The stronger you tie, the better it is. Do you have a knife and matches?

- Yes, - said Ilhomdzhon. – I have a knife hanging on my belt, and I am sitting near the fire.
- Then hold the tip of the knife against the fire, and after that cool it off so you won't get burned. Then, make an incision of 3 cm in the place of the snake bite. Do not be afraid, your leg is bandaged and numb, you will not feel pain.
- Yes. I almost do not feel the leg.
- Now try to squeeze blood out of the wound as much as possible, so the contaminated part comes out. Where is your herd?
- In Varzob canyon, just above the village of Chorbog.
- Is it possible to drive there by car?
- Asphalt road passes a mile from the place where I am. Should I make the cut?
- If the blade has cooled, begin! Your uncle is next to me. We'll figure out how to help you.

The doctor turned off the phone and looked at me:

- What are your plans now?
- To find a car and go to that same village.
- I'll drop the passengers in Kara-balo and take you to your destination - readily said the driver.

"The doctor called the hospital and asked them to prepare the necessary medicines."

On the way there, we called my nephew once again. The same weak voice said into the phone:

- I have lost a lot of blood, my head is spinning.
- It's ok, just hold on and try not to lose consciousness. We are heading your way.
The car was driving towards the Varzob gorge.
- It does not seem so far away, but the road is steep - I said.
- Do not worry, mine is a good car, it will cope with everything. She's strong as an ox.

When we drove up, Ilhomdzhon was unconscious. The doctor pulled out the medicine from his bag and started to provide first aid. He closed the wound, and then poured a diluted powder into the boy’s mouth . He regained consciousness and stared with surprise at the people surrounding him.

- Who are you? - He said quietly, - How did you get here?
- You were led here by your flock, and we -by the mobile phone of your uncle - the doctor said with a smile. Then he called the hospital and asked to prepare a place for the patient.