"A great company with untapped potential, facing challenges."

This is how Johan Dennelind summarizes his impressions after his induction and outreach in the organization. Today is his first day in the office as President and CEO of TeliaSonera.

During the introduction, Johan Dennelind has met with hundreds of people to get to know TeliaSonera’s operations, and has visited Uzbekistan and Georgia as well as the operations in Sweden and Finland.

- I am very impressed by the energy and the passion I have seen, especially among our customer facing colleagues. I believe that the combination of the pioneer spirit of the growth markets and the experience and the know-how of our more mature markets provide an excellent platform for our future success, said Johan Dennelind and added:

"The strength of our Group is the combination of our people and customers."

- The strength of the Group is the combination of our people and customers. With TeliaSonera’s millions of customers we have a unique set of opportunities to the benefit of our 550,000 shareholders.

Commenting past year’s turbulence Johan Dennelind emphasizes the importance of sustainability and sound business ethics.

"The main objective now is to secure that everybody is equipped with the right tools and training in order to make correct daily decisions"

- I am convinced that it is possible to operate in difficult markets. But it requires the highest attention to business ethics and an understanding of what we mean by a sustainable business –in every aspect, in every decision and in the everyday life of our employees. A series of actions have already been taken to identify and correct our shortcomings in this area. The foundation is laid. The main objective now is to secure that everybody in the organization is equipped with the right training, tools and incentives to make correct daily decisions. I will make this one of my top priorities, he said.

"Together, we can drive TeliaSonera into a very exciting future"

The autumn will be a hectic time for Johan Dennelind.

- I am very excited to get going. There is so much to dig into, so many people to meet and so much to do. I will continue my discovery journey within the organization in order to gain a better understanding of our challenges and opportunities. Together with the management team I will shape the agenda going forward to lead TeliaSonera into what promises to be a very exciting future.